Thursday, November 5, 2009

9. Questions for Steven Spielberg.

What has Elliott been doing for the past 27 years? Did he forget about ET or is he looking for him? Did Elliott become a botanist like ET or a software engineer? Is he working at JPL on the Mars rover program? Or maybe he became an astronaut? What drives Elliott? What is the elixir? Is it the fame and fortune of the most important discovery in the history of the Earth or is the desire to be reunited with a friend from another galaxy? Or maybe he decided the ET Incident was too personal and didn't want to share it with the world? Maybe he thinks ET leaving was the end and the story is over so everybody needs to move on? Maybe Elliott doesn't want ET to return because the world would ruin him? What happens in the future when planet Earth needs him? What then? Does Elliott go get him?

Where is Keys? What is he up to? What about Gertie? What about Michael? Mary? When ET left what did they do? How did the ET Incident change their lives?

What did the government do? Did the top secret organization dedicated to extra-terrestrial cover-up aka the Men in Black do anything? Did the government do what they always do in a UFO/alien situation? Maybe ET wasn't even real? Maybe it was a hoax?

Does the year 2012 play a role in ET's return? Does the Speak & Spell play an important role in the story? Can it be used to find ET?

Why hasn't ET already come back? Maybe he wasn't allowed to come to planet Earth in the first place? Earth does have a bad reputation in the universe. Maybe that is why ET hasn't returned? Why was ET left
on Earth in the first place? Maybe he was a stow away and the crew didn't know he was even on the ship?

Not only is there a story for ET's return but it will be the greatest story ever told. The story is waiting to be told and it is waiting to be heard. The timing is perfect. There couldn't be a better time to bring back E.T.


  1. Yes! without revealing the plot you show how complex your story is and your understanding of ow it fits into our world! Keep it up

  2. Some questions for you,
    1) Do you have a life? 2)Is it really possible that someone as sad as you exists?

    Frankly, there's a reason there isn't a sequel, it would RUIN THE WHOLE THING FOR EVERYONE!

  3. come on Bring back E.T. the score needs not change...Elliot would have children by now...Maybe E.T. is a father too...we could meet E.T'S entire family and even his PLANET...maybe ELLOIT could be an astronaut and even visit E.T. at his home and ELLIOT becomes the E.T....go on steven and spend 100 million will get an oscar.....and 350 million dollars return

  4. @corey
    Shut Up, I Want A Sequel As Much As Him!

  5. This would be a great time for a sequle,I have been hoping there would be one.

  6. Dear Mr. Spielberg, we are of the same generation and I wanted to know why hasn't anyone made a sequal to Starman? - it would definitely be an interesting movie and make my husband very happy to see one made. Thank, Marilyn